2017 Annual Giving Campaign #GivingTuesday

Desert Sky Montessori is running its First Annual Giving Campaign. Our goal is to raise $10,000. Here are some ideas for how you can help. You can do all or just some of these, whatever your comfort level is, in whatever order makes sense to you! And above all, have fun doing it!

  1. Donate!
    • If you would like to donate online, please visit our online fundraising page at:
    • If you prefer to donate by check, you can either bring a check to the school or mail it to:
      Desert Sky Montessori
      150 NE Bend River Mall Drive, Suite 260
      Bend, OR 97703
    • Desert Sky Montessori is a 501c3 non-profit, so cash donations are tax-deductible
  2. Get Ready To Share!
    • Press “Like” our fundraising campaign page:
    • Tell your story about what Desert Sky means to you, your student(s), your family and why you are personally asking for donations. It should be about 1 paragraph long — that’s all! Write it down and save it somewhere safe so you can re-use it!
    • Print or Make A Selfie Sign!
      • If you are in a rush: Use this template
      • Just print it out, (add your message) and snap your photo holding it — like Stella!:
        Dogs for Desert Sky Montessori! Please give today!
      • If you have time, feel free to get creative — this is a Montessori School after all!
      • Ideally, take a photo of your kids who attend Desert Sky, and something that shows why the school is important to you & them
      • Whatever is in your comfort zone on social media or just email it to family along with the fundraising page link!
    • Add the GivingTuesday frame to your Facebook profile photo
      • Visit this link on Facebook:
      • Search For “Giving Tuesday”
      • Please note: at this time we do not have a customized Desert Sky / Giving Tuesday frame; please just add the Giving Tuesday Frame to your profile photo so everyone knows you are participating and raising money on #GivingTuesday!
  3. Go Viral!
    Use your favorite social media network or email to share any and all of the following:

    • Your Selfie Sign Photo
    • Your Story
    • Appeal Video
    • Always include use the fundraising link
    • On social media, please also use the #GivingTuesday hashtag (if we generate enough hashtags, the Giving Tuesday team will re-post our posts on their network!!)
    • Tag your friends (5 – 10) you think will donate when you post online, or email them directly

Please keep in mind that with about 100 families at Desert Sky (2017-2018 school year), if each family asks 5 people to donate, that’s only $20 each to meet our goal!

We can do this!

Thank you for your support!